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Old Bank Drive-Through 21

December 13, 2018 When I went dumpster hunting last month (see the small haul), I stopped by the old bank drive-through that has entertained me so often. I’d never been there in freezing weather, and icy new appearances awaited me. The last three photographs are what I will enter into the FAVA Six-State Photography show early […]

Old Bank Drive-Through 20

June 18, 2018 I took this photograph more than a month ago and almost forgot about it. These are fallen forsythia blossoms.

Old Bank Drive-Through 19

July 31, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 18

July 30, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 17

July 29, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 16

July 28, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 15

July 27, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 14

July 26, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 13

July 25, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 12

July 24, 2017 I returned to the old bank drive-through last week, expecting to find nothing I hadn’t seen before. But once again I fell prey to its charms. Last time we had had rain the night before, but the time before that it had been dry. This time it was dry also, but the […]