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Pavement & Parking Lots

Stone for Stepping (on) and Looking (at)

July 22, 2018

Walking the Pavement in Sarasota 3

December 14, 2017

Walking the Pavement in Sarasota 2

December 13, 2017

Walking the Pavement in Sarasota 1

December 12, 2017

Sunday I walked downtown to see what I could see. I was headed for the alleys, but the pavement got to me first.

Please Don’t Hurt the Fire Plug

November 13, 2017

Update, November 15, 2017

By e-mail a friend sent me this alternative title: “Don’t worry, Phil, he’ll hit his growth spurt in a couple of years and be just as tall as the rest of us.”

Yin, Yang, and the New Yorker

June 13, 2017

The almost yin-yang quality of this soup spill might look like a setup, but I don’t think it is. Whoever was bringing home lunch for her dear spouse (the bottom of the other container is beyond the picture frame) was probably not so happy about spilling it on the street. But as a recent New Yorker cartoon reminds us, tragedy is material.

Pavement Sketch

June 12, 2017


Old Bank Drive-Through 11

June 11, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 10

June 10, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 9

June 9, 2017

Take your choice.