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Into the Woods 3

May 29, 2018

Spring Tiptoes In—4

May 3, 2018

Spring Tiptoes In—1

April 30, 2018

A week ago Sunday I looked for hints of spring and found mostly the last bits of winter, photos of which posted this past week. But I also found the barest beginnings of the usually preferred season. You may have noticed occasional spears of grass in the latest posted photographs. Here are more, to be followed by less subtle signs. Spring has advanced since these photographs were taken, but perhaps you, like me, will enjoy lingering over the early stage.


Savoring the Last Bits of Winter—6

April 29, 2018


Savoring the Last Bits of Winter—5

April 28, 2018


Holding On (Last Year’s Beech-Tree Leaves)

April 19, 2018

Here’s, possibly, a new word for you: marcescence. The things you learn when putting together a blog post . . .

Remnants of Winter; Harbingers of Spring 15

April 12, 2018

I saw more crystallized (if that’s what it is) ice along the Vermilion River March 26. My daughter assures me that this is ice that has partially thawed and then refrozen. She lives on a lake and often has observed this kind of ice along the shore.

Remnants of Winter; Harbingers of Spring 12

April 9, 2018

Remnants of Winter; Harbingers of Spring 1

March 29, 2018

Back in Ohio . . .

The word “nestled” comes to mind . . .

Seagrape Surprise

March 7, 2018

Every year, I’m surprised by the beautiful emerging or senescing leaves of the seagrape. Like fall maple leaves up north, no two are ever alike. I’m never in Florida in late summer, when the trees bear edible fruit.