Linda Grashoff's Photography Adventures


Iridescence along the River 9

August 8, 2018

The second photograph is a long view of the area that featured the Leptothrix discophora films July 14.


Iridescence along the River 8

August 7, 2018

Iridescence along the River 7

August 6, 2018

When the water level recedes, it leaves traces of the Leptothrix discophora film on the rocks and mud. The close crop shows the iridescence best. Click on it to see the image even bigger. (The paw prints are from a raccoon.)


Remnants of Winter; Harbingers of Spring 16

April 13, 2018

Evidence of Iron Bacteria in October 2016—5

November 15, 2016


Evidence of Iron Bacteria in October 2016—4

November 14, 2016


Had to Get Myself Back to the Garden 9

July 26, 2016

As I continued to walk northward along the river last Tuesday, I saw concentric arcs in the water. Coming closer, I could see that they were being made by gas bubbling from under the shale shelf of the shoreline. I’m guessing that this is the shale gas of fracking fame/infamy.

07192016 Schoepfle Garden-26

Had to Get Myself Back to the Garden 8

July 25, 2016

On the other side of the river I found some evidence of sulfur bacteria in the water. It was in about the same place I found traces of sulfur bacteria in October 2014. The second photograph is a detail of the first.

07192016 Schoepfle Garden-18-2


07192016 Schoepfle Garden-18

Had to Get Myself Back to the Garden 7

July 24, 2016

When I didn’t find what I wanted on the Schoepfle Garden side of the river this past Tuesday, I did the only reasonable thing: wade across to the other side. At first it looked as if my luck wouldn’t be noticeably different there.

07192016 Schoepfle Garden-12

Had to Get Myself Back to the Garden 6

July 23, 2016

I didn’t stay very long at Schoepfle Garden when I went there last Sunday, so Tuesday I went back. Checking more of the places I usually find Leptothrix discophora on the garden side of the river, I still didn’t find much. I found several patches of iron-stained rocks and leaves that indicated L. discophora had been there, but where the film was absent.

07192016 Schoepfle Garden-4


07192016 Schoepfle Garden-10