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Walking the Pavement in Sarasota 3

December 14, 2017

Due to Technical Difficulties . . ., continued

December 5, 2017

My Lightroom problems aren’t over yet, mostly because the rest of life got in the way of addressing them yesterday. So here is another golden oldie. This one, from 2013, is proof that we don’t all enjoy trees the same way.

Due to Technical Difficulties . . .

December 4, 2017

Unforeseen problems with my Lightroom catalog mean no fresh photograph for today. I think I’ve figured out the problem and hope to post something new tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a photograph from 2012.


Farmhouse Windows in the Morning Light 3

October 15, 2017

Update of October 20, 2017: Following Lynn’s suggestion (see comments), I tried an alternate crop of this photograph. See second photo. I like it better.

Farmhouse Windows in the Morning Light 1

October 13, 2017

Last month husband David and I were invited along with another couple to southwest Pennsylvania to stay at a farmhouse, the farmstead of which has been in our new friends’ family for six generations. The current farmhouse dates “only” from the mid-1800s. I anticipated roaming the house to capture hundreds of photographs. I did take a few, but I was distracted—not unhappily—by wonderful conversations, a jigsaw puzzle, multiple games of Bananagrams, and lots of real food, including homemade bread and persimmon cookies and pudding made from wild persimmons on the property. We’ve been promised a repeat invitation; maybe I’ll take more photographs next time. Maybe not.

Early Morning in the Woods

October 12, 2017

Sumac and All That Jazz

July 22, 2017

This sumac is growing by the side of the building erected to house the Oberlin Conservatory’s jazz studies. This is the same building shown in the post of July 16.


Tree Trunk and Leaves, Once Removed

July 20, 2017

Some Walls in Oberlin 7

May 26, 2017

Gills Like a Mushroom

March 11, 2017

When she wandered away from the lagoon at the Venice Myakka River Park, Lynda came across a dead and upended tree that may have been a cypress. The remnant of the root end was weather-sculpted in a way that reminded me of the gills of some mushrooms.