Linda Grashoff's Photography Adventures


Grain-Elevator Ruins 1

September 6, 2017

August 9 was David’s and my wedding anniversary. It says a lot about us to tell what we did to celebrate. We took a drive in the country. David wanted to buy some peaches at a farm stand, and I packed my camera just in case I couldn’t pass something up. When we ran low on gas, I pulled into a logo-less gas station in a very small town whose name I can’t remember. Right away, David saw something I didn’t. “Across the street—isn’t that something you’d like to photograph?” Right he was. It turned out to be ruins of an old grain elevator. Over the next few days, I’ll show you some of its details. And the peaches? We found them, and they were delicious.

A Car for Linda? 4

September 5, 2017

I may be confusing people. This is not my car, nor are the cars in any post with the title “A Car for Linda?” It is a photograph of a car (and a reflection) like photographs of cars that I take. Earlier photographs of cars that I posted—the ones, called “A Car for Ken”—were like photographs of cars that a fellow blogger named Ken takes. (Keep scrolling on his site; you’ll find some.) Ken avoids reflections in cars; I seek them.

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