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Remnants of Winter; Harbingers of Spring 1

March 29, 2018

Back in Ohio . . .

The word “nestled” comes to mind . . .

Not Palm Leaves in Jelks Preserve

February 17, 2018

My botanist husband said no when I asked if these were palm leaves. No, he said patiently, these are cycad leaves. So I Googled to see if cycads and palms are closely related. No dice. But at least I’m not way off base in thinking they may be. Here’s the sentence from Wikipedia’s Cycad page that felt forgiving: “Because of their superficial resemblance, they are sometimes mistaken for palms or ferns, but they are not closely related to either group.”

Palm Leaves in Sleeping Turtles Preserve North 4

February 11, 2018

Of course, palm leaves can still be beautiful on the tree, especially when pierced by Florida sunshine.

Palm Leaves in Sleeping Turtles Preserve North 3

February 10, 2018

I Don’t Do Flowers, but . . .

September 15, 2017

I don’t photograph many flowers. But these begonia blossoms really got to me. I think the photos are too Hallmark cardy, but I had fun. Here are five variations on the same shot.





Aureole of Grass, South Lido Park

January 12, 2017


Long-Grass Scribbles in South Lido Park, January 2017

January 11, 2017


Trees Stripe the Sky

August 30, 2016

08212016 Caley Reservation-62-Edit-2

Cattails Soak Up the Sun

August 29, 2016

08212016 Caley Reservation-53-Edit

The Old Homestead 3

August 9, 2014

At one time this homestead was a dairy farm. I think this little building is the milk house, where the milk cans were kept until they were picked up by the milk processors. It’s only about eight or ten feet tall and eight or ten feet on a side.

Yesterday in the comments section Ken Bello and Melinda Green Harvey suggested I try converting my documentary shots of the house (posted yesterday) to black and white. So here, below, they are. Actually they are black and white with split toning of yellow and blue. They do look a bit more interesting to me—the somber mood is enhanced—but I still think they’re just photographs of the house. I’m interested in the opinions or suggestions other people may have.

08032014 Wandering Northern Ohio-50


08032014 Wandering Northern Ohio-14-2 08032014 Wandering Northern Ohio-7-Edit-2 08032014 Wandering Northern Ohio-46-2