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Sleeping Turtles Preserve North, with Bog Lily

February 6, 2018

Sleeping Turtles Preserve North is part of the Sarasota (Florida) County park system. Bordered by the Myakka River, it is resplendent with huge live oaks that host thousands of bromeliads, including Spanish moss. What makes this park different from other parks in the county that I have visited are the many marshy spots. This park is where I saw my first bog lily—and nearly slipped into the muck while photographing it. I was a bit more careful a couple of weeks ago when I came across another.

I have a strange confession to make concerning the blog post called GBH in SLP. On that post I intimated (because for some reason I have thought of George Bernard Shaw whenever I heard “GBH”) that “GBH” was how people referred to George Bernard Shaw. It isn’t! Obviously (even to me, now), George Bernard Shaw is “GBS”! I’m sorry if I confused any of you in my own confusion. I have no idea how that erroneous thought got lodged in my head. Thank my dear husband for setting me straight.

A Wisp of Bog Lily

May 1, 2014

I saw what I think was a lily right by the side of the trail through the Little Manatee River State Park this February. Had to play with it. I thought it was a bog lily, also called swamp lily, but when I looked up swamp lily earlier today, I saw that the swamp lily has six petals. This one had only five. I suppose that, given what I’ve done to it, I could call it anything I like. I prefer bog lily because the first bog (or swamp) lily I saw, a few years ago, almost caused me to fall into the bog in which it was growing. I kept getting closer and closer to it with the camera, not looking where my feet were going. Had to pull out my foot from the tenacious earth—with some force and a sucking sound. It was a bit scary. I had no idea what that flower was but thought bog lily was a good name for it. Back home on the Internet I was surprised to find a hit with that name. Besides having only five petals, this flower was much shorter than the one I saw in the bog. . . . After more fussing at the Internet just now I’m prepared to believe that one of the petals of this bog lily fell off.

02022014 LMRSP-81