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With and Without (Geese, Filter)

April 22, 2017

The quarries fill not just with water but dead trees. And visiting Canada geese. . . . What a difference a polarizing filter on my camera lens makes.



Old Quarries Become Water Features

April 21, 2017

There is a road that I cross when driving between Schoepfle Garden and Oberlin called Quarry Road. If I drive far enough north on Quarry Road, I reach two sandstone quarries that have ceased operations and are now filled with water. On a recent typical overcast day in early spring northern Ohio (April 2, to be exact), I did some exploring there.



Geese in Fog

October 21, 2016


Time for Canada Geese

August 28, 2016

Another sign that fall is approaching is the pretend migration of this area’s Canada geese. Their raucous honking and v-shaped flight patterns are all for show (or something). They never leave but spend the winters here.

08212016 Caley Reservation-47

The Gleaners, or Winter-Wheat Fields 6

September 6, 2014

This Wednesday, walking through the fog on my way to the river, I spotted the gleaners of the winter-wheat fields that I photographed earlier this summer. (See here and here and here and here and here.) Please click on this photo to see it at a reasonable size.


09032014 OON-25-2