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Playing with the Landscape 9

November 26, 2017

Playing with the Landscape 8

November 25, 2017

The series of photographs that ended yesterday with The Blind 11 began—as do so many things—serendipitously.  I was looking on my computer for older photos that I’d taken with Intentional Camera Movement, ones I had passed up in their day. I’d had so much fun a few weeks earlier, playing with the Pennsylvania landscape, that I wanted more of it. In searching for the older ICM photos I bumped into the first two photographs of the designs that blinds make on walls and ceilings. Then I remembered other photographs I’d taken of blinds designs and kept going. Meanwhile I also played with the old ICM photos. Here’s the first of the new batch. All were taken in Gulf Coast Florida.

Fish Bins 29

April 19, 2017

Fish Bins 28

April 18, 2017

Fish Bins 27

April 17, 2017

Fish Bins 26

April 16, 2017

Fish Bins 25

April 15, 2017

Fish Bins 23

April 13, 2017

Fish Bins 22

April 12, 2017

Fish Bins 21

April 11, 2017