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The Farmhouse 4

August 22, 2018



Bye-Bye, Oberlin

December 11, 2017

I had a little time November 28 before I had to leave on the first leg of my journey south for (most of) the winter. Walking the three or four minutes over to Rock Pond, I found some cattails hit by early morning light.

At the Venice Myakka River Park—4

January 27, 2016

Every time I’ve been here, the lagoon has looked placid like this, but a friend told me that when she went to the Venice Myakka River Park, the lagoon was full of alligators.

12272015 Venice Myakka River Park-58

Around the Yard—2

January 19, 2016


Around the Yard—1

January 18, 2016

My computer problems are still not over, and I hesitate to take any new photographs until I can download them properly. So for the next while I’ll post some photos I took this fall before leaving Ohio. On November 8 I walked out before eating breakfast.


Last Month at Jelks Preserve—3

December 20, 2015

Maybe it is just a drainage ditch and not a small stream, but it catches reflections all the same . . .

11292015 Jelks Preserve-27

Last Month at Jelks Preserve—2

December 19, 2015

Pine needles have fallen on top of a decaying palm frond.11292015 Jelks Preserve-26

Last Month at Jelks Preserve—1

December 18, 2015

My first photography trip in Florida this go-round was to Jelks Preserve. Husband David went with me, and I was hoping to show him some great spots in a place he’d never seen. I forgot, however, that Jelks Preserve’s great spots are miles away from each other and only great once in a while, especially in early spring. After spending an hour or so at what I’ve always thought was a small stream (David tells me it’s more like a drainage ditch—phooey), I wandered around another hour and a half finding nothing worth sharing here. The three photographs I am sharing are all from the small stream/drainage ditch area. I don’t understand why the leaves that were not lit up directly by the sun look bluish, but I like them that way.

11292015 Jelks Preserve-6

Last Photographs of Ohio, 2015—3

December 14, 2015

Now that we are getting ready to sell our place in Ohio, I look at it with eyes of nostalgia. I’ve loved seeing nature around me all these years, and I wouldn’t say I’ve ever taken it for granted, but now I try to imprint my memory with all of it. I think taking photographs helps. In fact, just looking through the camera’s viewfinder helps, by signaling intention to remember. . . . The fog of November 11 condensed on the berries of this bush next to the driveway; I think it’s a deciduous holly.

Our Ohio Property 11112015-6

Last Photographs of Ohio, 2015—2

December 13, 2015

One of my husband’s persimmon trees and a ladder upstage the next-door neighbor’s barn. David and his partners at Vermilion Valley Vineyards make persimmon wine from the fruit of his prolific trees.

Our Ohio Property 11112015-12