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Iron Bacteria in Florida 2

February 19, 2018

Taken on the same day as the photograph of the previous post, these photos show Leptothrix discophora and its precipitated iron oxide at Jelks Preserve.


Iron Bacteria in Florida 1

My old pal Leptothrix discophora came out to play in the parks earlier this month. This photo was taken in a sweet lagoon of the Venice Myakka River Park.

August 2017 Leptothrix discophora and Friends 4

October 8, 2017





August 2017 Leptothrix discophora and Friends 3

October 7, 2017

August 2017 Leptothrix discophora and Friends 2

October 6, 2017

Dumpster’s Cousin—A Decorative Fire Escape

October 17, 2016


New in Town

October 16, 2016

This dumpster wasn’t around the last time I photographed dumpsters in Oberlin. How nice to meet it.


Ubiquity of Orange 4

September 12, 2016


Ubiquity of Orange 3

September 11, 2016


Ubiquity of Orange 2

September 10, 2016

Here is the sibling of yesterday’s photograph. I wasn’t sure the mark that looks like three fingers on a hand wasn’t obscene, so I Googled, and found three-figure salute. Maybe it’s not a three-finger salute at all. Maybe it’s a puppet with its arms up and head in the middle. Or maybe it’s just a random mark.