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Iron Bacteria in Florida 2

February 19, 2018

Taken on the same day as the photograph of the previous post, these photos show Leptothrix discophora and its precipitated iron oxide at Jelks Preserve.


Not Palm Leaves in Jelks Preserve

February 17, 2018

My botanist husband said no when I asked if these were palm leaves. No, he said patiently, these are cycad leaves. So I Googled to see if cycads and palms are closely related. No dice. But at least I’m not way off base in thinking they may be. Here’s the sentence from Wikipedia’s Cycad page that felt forgiving: “Because of their superficial resemblance, they are sometimes mistaken for palms or ferns, but they are not closely related to either group.”

Palm Leaves in Jelks Preserve 2

February 13, 2018

Palm Leaves in Jelks Preserve 1

February 12, 2018

Last Month at Jelks Preserve—3

December 20, 2015

Maybe it is just a drainage ditch and not a small stream, but it catches reflections all the same . . .

11292015 Jelks Preserve-27

Last Month at Jelks Preserve—2

December 19, 2015

Pine needles have fallen on top of a decaying palm frond.11292015 Jelks Preserve-26

Last Month at Jelks Preserve—1

December 18, 2015

My first photography trip in Florida this go-round was to Jelks Preserve. Husband David went with me, and I was hoping to show him some great spots in a place he’d never seen. I forgot, however, that Jelks Preserve’s great spots are miles away from each other and only great once in a while, especially in early spring. After spending an hour or so at what I’ve always thought was a small stream (David tells me it’s more like a drainage ditch—phooey), I wandered around another hour and a half finding nothing worth sharing here. The three photographs I am sharing are all from the small stream/drainage ditch area. I don’t understand why the leaves that were not lit up directly by the sun look bluish, but I like them that way.

11292015 Jelks Preserve-6

In the Woods, Alone 6

April 19, 2015


In the Woods, Alone 5

April 18, 2015


In the Woods, Alone 4

April 17, 2015

04122015 Jelks Preserve-41