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Iridescence along the River 5

August 4, 2018


July 13, 2018

The Dumpsters of Oberlin 81

June 19, 2018

Into the Woods 5

May 31, 2018

I know this as a coral fungus, but it has fancier names.

Into the Woods 4

May 30, 2018

Into the Woods 3

May 29, 2018

Into the Woods 2

May 28, 2018

Into the Woods 1

May 27, 2018

Likin’ Lichen

May 5, 2018

Spring Tiptoes In—5

May 4, 2018

It is tempting to think that all of spring came rushing in to Oberlin Tuesday, when our temperatures soared to the lower 80s. Nearly every tree that possibly can, has burst into bloom. But here and there, as with the vines on the wall marking the back boundary of the library property, progress is a little slower.