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A Few Garden Finds

October 21, 2019

Here are a few photographs taken in August at the Olbrich Botanical Garden in Madison, Wisconsin.

1 The red splashes are cardinal flowers, Lobelia cardinalis.

2 Here is a birch—I don’t presume to know which one.

3 Here’s another birch, overlooking two inviting chairs.

4 I’m not sure why I’m drawn to empty chairs. Maybe they represent possibilities . . .




Garver Feed Mill—Renaissance and Memory

October 6, 2019

Twelve years ago during a walk to find photographs in Madison, Wisconsin, where I was visiting, I passed what looked like an abandoned building. On it was painted the name Garver. I have a friend whose last name is Garver, so of course I took a snapshot to show her. This summer my daughter and daughter-in-law treated me to a return visit to the building—vacant for two decades before renovation began in 2017. They didn’t know I had photographed it in 2007 but thought I would find the Garver Feed Mill interesting. (They are great scouts!) This time I photographed in earnest,  trying hard not to wish I had been witness to many more of the building’s iterations. A plaque outside one of the doors gave information about the building, and putting this post together I learned more. I find it interesting that the Wisconsin State Capitol and the Garver Feed Mill were completed in the same year. And it’s fun to see that remnants of old graffiti add an artistic touch to the cleaned masonry. I like buildings that hold visual evidence of their past; this one also included bricked-in doorways and windows, patched walls, sheared-off I-beams, and what must be gouges from former industrial activity. If you’d like to know more about the Garver Feed Mill, don’t miss the Wisconsin State Journal article that features photographs taken through the years, going back to 1924. Also of interest are an article in the Wisconsin State Farmer and two links on a City of Madison web page: the Garver Final Report and a presentation by the restoration architects.

1 This is the photograph I took in 2007.

2 This is the photograph I took of the same wall this August.


This is steel (I think) cladding on a newer part of the facade. The next two photographs are from nearby sections of the wall.







11 I learned from my reading that the white bricks indicate water damage.

12 Were these patches on an interior wall made lately or in older times? My guess is older times.








20 Even the new women’s room’s concrete floor has artistic appeal.


The Wisconsin State Capitol, Revisited

September 24, 2019

Last year I posted photographs of the Wisconsin State Capitol building, dividing the photos over two days. Returning to Madison this August, I was again enthralled with the beauty and majesty of this edifice. Some friends say they are made uncomfortable by the richness of this structure and think about how taxpayers were made to fund its original construction as well as its renovation. I see their point, but I’m still seduced. I ease my guilty pleasure with the thought that all this magnificence belongs to the people of Wisconsin. That has to count for something. I am loading this blog post with 21 photographs. Don’t feel you have to look at them all. I will tell you, though, that the last one is pretty cute. For those of you not familiar with such things as official state animals in the U.S., I’ll point out that the creature depicted is a badger.






















Missing the Madison Brass Works

October 24, 2018

In 2008 the Madison Brass Works building was not what many other people would call attractive. Well, you know the rest. I spent considerable time entranced by this window that July. Alas, revisiting the building will not allow my continued enjoyment, at least of this window. This is how the building looks now.

 Here are details of some of the glass blocks:










My Favorite Drainpipe in Wisconsin

October 4, 2018

My camera has visited this drainpipe and environs for three years running. They haven’t changed much from last year (see the fifth photograph down) except for the displacement of a few bricks and the loss of more white paint. And except for the subsequently missing graffiti sticker (see the sixth and seventh photos down), they didn’t look much different in 2016 either. Well, there’s always next year.







T&R’s House—View of the Lake in Fog

September 27, 2017

Sweet-Potato-Orange Paint on Two Boards in Madison

September 26, 2017

Titling posts is something I do with immense difficulty. That’s why so many of my posts end in a number; that way I’m able to think of one title and attach it to many posts. But this photograph is the only one I have from my recent time in Madison that shows a fence around a construction area, or any fence, or any boards, or anything colored orange besides the brick wall, which was already in a different category. I won’t tell you how long it took to come up with the title for this post, pitiful as it is. The help I received from Google was minimal. I did find a site that gave many names for the color orange, though, including the one that wound up in the title for this post. Here they are:

Apricot orange, burnt orange, butternut orange, calypso orange, candlelight orange, cantaloupe orange, caramelized orange, carrot orange, cayenne orange, cheddar orange, cheese-cracker orange, Chinese-lantern orange, cider orange, citrus orange, clementine orange, coral orange, crayon orange, curry orange, fire orange, flame orange, goldfish orange, mac-and-cheese orange, mango-tango orange, mandarin orange, marigold orange, marmalade orange, monarch orange, nacho orange, nasturtium orange, naval orange, papaya orange, peach orange, peach-butter orange, peach-sorbet orange, popsicle orange, pumpkin orange, safety-vest orange, salamander orange, salmon orange, sherbet orange, shrimp orange, starfish orange, sunset orange, sweet-potato orange, tangelo orange, tangerine orange, terra cotta, tiger orange, traffic orange, yam orange

I’m open (very) to suggestions for what I could have titled this post. 🙂

Some Walls in Madison 7

September 25, 2017

Some Walls in Madison 6

September 24, 2017

Some Walls in Madison 5

September 23, 2017

Some Walls in Madison 4

September 22, 2017

I have no idea what this is, or was.

Some Walls in Madison 3

September 21, 2017

Some Walls in Madison 2

September 20, 2017



Seen on a Street in Madison—3

October 5, 2016

Didn’t see any dumpsters to photograph on a walk I took with my daughter, but I did find this rather gorgeous utility box.




Seen on a Street in Madison—2

October 4, 2016


Wondering what a standpipe is?


Seen on a Street in Madison—1

October 3, 2016


On the Square—5

October 2, 2016



On the Square—4

October 1, 2016

I thought these were hoses. Then my daughter pointed out that they are electrical cables. I took their picture anyway.


On the Square—3

September 30, 2016



On the Square—2

September 29, 2016

There’s something funny here, but I can’t put my finger on it. The word bitter plus a business sort of plaid cloth plus luscious produce equals whaaaa?


On the Square—1

September 28, 2016

During the harvest seasons, the farmers market in Madison, Wisconsin, surrounds the capital building. The locals call the area the square.