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Old Bank Drive-Through 11

June 11, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 10

June 10, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 9

June 9, 2017

Take your choice.


Old Bank Drive-Through 8

June 8, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 7

June 7, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 6

June 6, 2017

Old Bank Drive-Through 5

June 5, 2017

Sunday mornings are my favorite time to go out with the camera because people are usually not where I want to be. But this Sunday was forecast to be cloudy and maybe even rainy, so I grudgingly opted for Monday. Oh, but wait! That would be Memorial Day! People might not be milling about downtown Oberlin in the early morning. Bingo. I rather quickly made my way back to the old bank drive-through and, because it had rained heavily during the night, the cement had a distinctly different look from the one it had April 30, when I took my first photographs there. And no one was around to get in my way or question me. So the series continues.

Sculpture As Storage Tank 2

May 10, 2014

The sun was pretty iffy the day we visited the Sarasota Landfill. When it blasted these stairway supports, I shot away.

02212014 Sarasota Landfill-23


Sculpture As Storage Tank 1

May 9, 2014

Janet and I had heard people can visit the Sarasota Landfill, that in fact it offers good birding. Where there is good birding, there are usually good natural things to photograph, often some sort of water feature. So in February we went. We were disappointed to find that cars have to keep to a narrow roadway lined with chain-link fencing that prevents visitors from exploring the natural areas. I loved the colors of the grasses in the area—and a few were unfenced—but all the ponds or reservoirs were uglied-up with fence whose links were too small to accommodate my camera lens. And my photographs of the grasses were a bust. However—this storage tank (I don’t want to know what’s in it) presented itself as an interesting sculptural object with nice surface design on the concrete. So I was happy after all. (I do like tanks.)

02212014 Sarasota Landfill-12