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A Trip through Archived Ladders

March 8, 2020

The last few blog posts have included photographs of ladders. With ladders on my mind I took a tour of my archives this week.

1 The first three photographs are of a ladder attached to a diesel tank in Cortez, Florida. This one is from April 2014.

This and the next photo are from April 2012.


4 This January 2010 photo is also from Cortez, but I can’t place where in any greater detail.

5 This ladder photograph, circa September 2013, is of the old Kipton, Ohio, grain elevator.

6 This photo was taken in March 2005 in a Sarasota, Florida, alley.

7 I took this December 2012 photograph in an old building in Sarasota’s Rosemary District that my friend Janet and I snuck into.

8 I took this photo in May 2006 during the hanging of the quilt show Artist As Quiltmaker in Oberlin, Ohio.

9 These are apple-picking ladders photographed August 2013 on Garfield Road, Henrietta Township, Ohio.

10 I took the last four photographs in our “front yard” on Garfield Road. This is the peach-tree area of the orchard in May 2004.

11 I think this is a pear tree—unless it’s an apple tree—in November 2003.

12 These are persimmon trees in November 2015.

13 Here are the same trees three days later, photographed about the same time of day in different weather.

More Wandering around Downtown Oberlin, February 2020

February 16, 2020

Last Sunday I wandered around downtown Oberlin again. Four of the photographs in today’s post are variations on ones I’d taken during previous downtown wanderings. It’s fun for me to compare the new with the old photos, and on the chance it might be fun for you, I’ve included the old ones here.

1 The old ticket booth of the Apollo Theater, photo taken last Sunday

2 The old ticket booth of the Apollo Theater, photo taken April 30, 2017

3 The old ticket booth of the Apollo Theater, photo taken last Sunday

4 The old ticket booth of the Apollo Theater, photo taken May 29, 2017

5 I wonder how many of you are able to identify this nicely rusted object.

6 Backside of storefronts, photo taken last Sunday

7 Backside of storefronts, photo taken April 30, 2017

8 Alley still life, photo taken last Sunday

8 Alley still life, photo taken November 21, 2018


10 Tree shadows on old painted wall sign, photo taken last Sunday

11 Tree and old painted wall sign, photo taken May 5, 2018


36 Degrees Fahrenheit in Oberlin

Thinking I’d have to restrict my photographing time to an hour so I could do other things, I headed toward downtown this morning. Hah! Restrict? I didn’t even last the hour. I swear I’ve photographed in colder temperatures, but today was just too cold for me. Maybe the effect of cold is cumulative. 😉 I was lucky enough during my half-hour foray to add to two of my photographic series.

1 Here, and through number 6, is the old bank drive-through again.






7 I’m not sure what this is, but it was near the old bank drive-through.

8 I’m sure this sign wasn’t referring to my camera, but how appropriate.

9 Speaking of dumpsters . . .

10 A few days ago someone asked me if I had a favorite dumpster. Yup. This is it. The last two photographs are of the same one. What a beauty.



Oberlin in Sunshine

January 5, 2020

Two days before I photographed Oberlin in fog, I was happily running around my neighborhood photographing Oberlin in sunshine. In my memory there is not much sunshine in Oberlin winters, and I wanted to seize the day—especially because it had been cold enough for ice to form on the ponds.

1 What photographer can ignore an S-curve? I wonder if the curve here has to do with the varying depth of water in the pond.

2 The black things are almost-holes in the ice. Can someone tell me—or guess—how they form?



5 Are bubbles in the ice caused by decaying vegetation beneath that is releasing methane? Or maybe living plants that are releasing oxygen?


7 Sycamores always stand out, especially against a blue sky.





12 The woods were aglow with leaf lights.


Taking a Stroll around the Grounds

June 16, 2019

Yesterday I followed and unfollowed paths around my immediate neighborhood. I found baby oak leaves overlooking tall grasses; a willow tree behind goldenrod plants and before cattails sprinkled with pseudacris; a path through a wooded area dotted with daisies; very young films of Leptothrix discophora, some in front of a small outcrop of sedge; a duckweed-covered pond rising to meet hanging branches of another oak tree; and more duckweed in a different pond in the rain. I also took another stab at Intentional Camera Movement.










Old Bank Drive-Through 21

December 13, 2018

When I went dumpster hunting last month (see the small haul), I stopped by the old bank drive-through that has entertained me so often. I’d never been there in freezing weather, and icy new appearances awaited me. The last three photographs are what I will enter into the FAVA Six-State Photography show early next year, hoping one will be juried in.






The Dumpsters of Oberlin 81

June 19, 2018

Old Bank Drive-Through 20

June 18, 2018

I took this photograph more than a month ago and almost forgot about it. These are fallen forsythia blossoms.

Someone Else’s Begonia 4

June 17, 2018

Someone Else’s Begonia 3

June 16, 2018

Someone Else’s Begonia 1 and 2

June 15, 2018




Old Cattails, New Duck Weed

June 14, 2018

The Mushroom Tree

June 13, 2018

Hoses in Poses, Continued 2

June 12, 2018

Hoses in Poses, Continued 1

June 11, 2018

Some Walls in Oberlin 22

May 26, 2018

The photographs in this and the last two posts are of the Allen Memorial Art Museum on the Oberlin College campus. The original building, on the left, was designed by Cass Gilbert in 1917. The addition, on the right, is by Robert Venturi, built in 1977. The Venturi addition is controversial around here and with alumni of the college. Some people call it the Purina Dog Chow addition. If you don’t remember what the old Purina Dog Chow packaging looked like, go here: Scroll down for two views of the original building from the front. If you’re ever in Oberlin, you must see this museum for its collections as well as its interior spaces. It is widely regarded as one of the five best college and university art museums in the United States, and admission is free.



Some Walls in Oberlin 21

May 25, 2018

Some Walls in Oberlin 20

May 24, 2018

Some Walls in Oberlin 19

May 23, 2018

Some Walls in Oberlin 18

May 22, 2018

Some Walls in Oberlin 17

May 21, 2018

Some Doors in Oberlin 3

May 19, 2018

Some Doors in Oberlin 2

May 18, 2018

Some Doors in Oberlin 1

May 17, 2018