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The Dumpsters of Oberlin 81

June 19, 2018

Old Bank Drive-Through 20

June 18, 2018

I took this photograph more than a month ago and almost forgot about it. These are fallen forsythia blossoms.

Someone Else’s Begonia 4

June 17, 2018

Someone Else’s Begonia 3

June 16, 2018

Someone Else’s Begonia 1 and 2

June 15, 2018




Old Cattails, New Duck Weed

June 14, 2018

The Mushroom Tree

June 13, 2018

Hoses in Poses, Continued 2

June 12, 2018

Hoses in Poses, Continued 1

June 11, 2018

Some Walls in Oberlin 22

May 26, 2018

The photographs in this and the last two posts are of the Allen Memorial Art Museum on the Oberlin College campus. The original building, on the left, was designed by Cass Gilbert in 1917. The addition, on the right, is by Robert Venturi, built in 1977. The Venturi addition is controversial around here and with alumni of the college. Some people call it the Purina Dog Chow addition. If you don’t remember what the old Purina Dog Chow packaging looked like, go here: Scroll down for two views of the original building from the front. If you’re ever in Oberlin, you must see this museum for its collections as well as its interior spaces. It is widely regarded as one of the five best college and university art museums in the United States, and admission is free.