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From the Archives of 2005—5

July 26, 2020

Photographs from the archives of 2005 finish up with scenes and objects in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

1 Before we moved back to Oberlin, we lived next door to this barn and silo.

2 Around the corner, a quarter mile away or so, is an old barn. I have often wondered if that Future Farmer of America stayed on the farm.

3 Further down that road was another, even older, barn.

4 I longed to get closer to it, and finally one day, I did. The hand-hewn beams alone were worth the dare.

5 Not too long after I visited it, the barn was demolished. I often wonder if its owner, across the street, saw me go inside and considered it too dangerous. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to go back.

6 Did J.E.J. put his initials in the barn out of pride? Did someone save this plank?

7 Continuing down the road I saw more history played out in the fences. I wonder how long this one has stood.

8 On the other side of the road a living tree was put to service in guarding the property or corralling livestock.

9 Heading back home I came upon a gorgeous maple tree on that gorgeous October day.

10 In Michigan for a niece’s wedding, I had some time for photographing before the festivities.

11 In Wisconsin my daughter drove while I played photography out the car window. This is one of my first Intentional Camera Movement images—taken before I knew there was such a thing, and maybe before the term was coined.

12 At Dr. Evermor’s I played with mirrors.

13 This may be part of Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron.

The Farmhouse in 2019—3

August 18, 2019

Could I see anything new in my fourth visit to my friend’s Pennsylvania farmhouse? I won’t say this was a worry, but it was a wonder. Earlier views of the farmhouse interior begin here and here and here. I guess I needn’t have wondered.












The Farmhouse in 2019—2

July 14, 2019

This potpourri of farmhouse views includes those of cooking necessities, partially made beds-in-waiting, and hand-hewn beams holding up the front porch.














The Farmhouse in 2019—1

July 7, 2019

Last month for the third year in a row my husband and I were delighted to accept our friends’ invitation to a long weekend at the wife’s ancestral home in rural southwest Pennsylvania. Of course I took my camera. Earlier series of farmhouse photos begin here (2017) and here (2018). This time I took more detail shots. Patches of light have always attracted my attention—probably starting before I was able to even hold a camera. And gazing at and out windows seemed like such a lazy summery thing to do, befitting the ambiance of the weekend. We ate and ate, talked and talked, took walks, and completed two jigsaw puzzles.









Missing the Madison Brass Works

October 24, 2018

In 2008 the Madison Brass Works building was not what many other people would call attractive. Well, you know the rest. I spent considerable time entranced by this window that July. Alas, revisiting the building will not allow my continued enjoyment, at least of this window. This is how the building looks now.

 Here are details of some of the glass blocks:










My Favorite Drainpipe in Wisconsin

October 4, 2018

My camera has visited this drainpipe and environs for three years running. They haven’t changed much from last year (see the fifth photograph down) except for the displacement of a few bricks and the loss of more white paint. And except for the subsequently missing graffiti sticker (see the sixth and seventh photos down), they didn’t look much different in 2016 either. Well, there’s always next year.







Hinged and Unhinged

July 11, 2018




July 10, 2018

The Siding of the Apollo

June 4, 2017

You may have noted the siding (for want of a better word) on the old Apollo ticket booth in yesterday’s post. The same material, mostly without the swirling agate design, clads the walls of the building’s facade. Here’s a close-up view of some of the vitrolite tiles on the booth.

The Old Ticket Window at the Apollo

June 3, 2017

Oberlin’s Apollo Theater was renovated a few years ago, and the old ticket window is no longer in use. Now you buy your ticket inside, at the new concession stand, a less aesthetically pleasing experience but a warmer one, welcome in Oberlin’s often-cold winters. The second photograph shows the whole ticket booth.


Some Walls in Oberlin 6

May 25, 2017

Some Walls in Oberlin 3

May 22, 2017

Some Walls in Oberlin 1

May 20, 2017


More Barns of Northern Ohio 3

November 30, 2016



More Barns of Northern Ohio 2

November 29, 2016


More Barns of Northern Ohio 1

November 28, 2016

Yesterday started as partly sunny but turned into really sunny. Yea! Found a few barns in my peregrinations. I’m afraid my polarizing filter made the sky in this photo a bit more blue than it really was.


An Archived Barn

We’ve had a string of dreary days here in northeast Ohio. Today is forecast to be partly sunny, so I will go out with the camera. I know I should try to photograph dreariness, but . . .  Meanwhile, I’ve run out of recent photos to share, so this is from the archives. This barn is around the corner, sort of, from where we used to live. I took its photograph July 30, 2012.


Ubiquity of Orange 4

September 12, 2016


Ubiquity of Orange 3

September 11, 2016


Ubiquity of Orange 2

September 10, 2016

Here is the sibling of yesterday’s photograph. I wasn’t sure the mark that looks like three fingers on a hand wasn’t obscene, so I Googled, and found three-figure salute. Maybe it’s not a three-finger salute at all. Maybe it’s a puppet with its arms up and head in the middle. Or maybe it’s just a random mark.


Ubiquity of Orange 1

September 9, 2016

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by the prevalence of orange-colored objects in the back streets of Oberlin. Many things acquire rust in this climate. And the orange color of these bricks is related: it’s all iron oxide.


Hello Drainpipe, What Cha Knowin’?

September 8, 2016

08302016 Downtown Oberlin-1

Building Shows Its History 2

September 7, 2016

Here is part of the west façade of the building.

08302016 Downtown Oberlin-21

Building Shows Its History 1

September 6, 2016

Downtown Oberlin, Ohio, is full of old buildings—old by the standards of midwest U.S. anyway. This building was built in 1914. It houses the Apollo movie theater. The front façade and the interiors were renovated a few years ago, but the sides and back show that the building has had several configurations. This is the back.

08302016 Downtown Oberlin-18-Edit