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Fish Bins and Miscellaneous Cortezian Treasures

April 8, 2019

In four trips to Cortez this winter I amassed quite a few photographs of fish bins and boat hulls, as well as a few random subjects, as you can see below. The plant growing up the tree is a close relative of the night-blooming cereus. I’ve never seen it bloom, probably partly because it also does so at night. But with stems like these, who needs flowers? (I know, I know.)










I prefer the version with the blue color cast, but this is probably closer to how the refrigerated truck looked:




The Dumpsters of Sarasota 23 through 38

January 2, 2019

So many dumpster photographs, so little time. I’d rather not post all 16 of these photographs at once, but I am plagued by a surfeit of riches. The outing that produced these dumpster photographs resulted in many goodies, and I want to get through them all in a reasonable length of time. Feel free to quit looking at any point. 🙂
















Can of Curls

July 23, 2018


July 15, 2018

C’s Dumpster 10

July 6, 2018

C’s Dumpster 9

July 5, 2018

C’s Dumpster 8

July 4, 2018

C’s Dumpster 7

July 3, 2018

C’s Dumpster 6

July 2, 2018

C’s Dumpster 5

July 1, 2018