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Close to Home 6

June 14, 2020

I’m no closer to solving my corrupted-files problem than I was last week, with the possible exception of reassurance from fellow-blogger Michael Scanlon that putting corrupt files on a pristine drive will not harm the new drive. So this week I hope to migrate all the files from the damaged drive to the new one even if I can’t fix the corrupt files. Meanwhile (and earlier), I’ve been sending photos to some people in my community that I took close to home before basically abandoning my failing drive. These are ones I sent out this past week. Most have already appeared on this blog. I hope you don’t remember or don’t mind seeing them again. 1 Before our tennis courts were prepared for action this season, the courts looked like this. Photograph taken April 15, 2020

2 I like to think the yellow posts are keeping the fireplug from harm—and they are. Photograph taken October 16, 2017

3 Housing renovations require dumpsters. How lucky for me. Photograph taken June 12, 2018

4 Don’t fret for these flowers; there were plenty still left on the plant. Photograph taken June 9, 2018

5 The Flowering Chair. Photograph taken July 30, 2017

6 Rock Pond at Sunset. Photograph taken July 3, 2016

7 Rock Pond with Ducks at Sunset. Photograph taken August 8, 2016

8 Rock Pond with Waterlilies at Sunset. Photograph taken August 8, 2016

The Farmhouse Grounds in 2019

August 25, 2019

While I love photographing inside my friend’s farmhouse, the grounds are likewise appealing. One of the traditions for farmhouse owners and guests is going out after dinner to watch the sun set over the fields and trees. As I was walking to the viewing spot, I turned around and saw where the late-day sun had flung warm patches of light into the darkening woods. While I was at the farm, the sunsets were modest, but the shared experience of anticipating, then viewing them brought joy nonetheless. Photograph #6 is of the threshold to the viewing spot, proving that you don’t need a sunset to appreciate the view, even if it is obscured by trees. The next two photographs prove that you don’t need clear skies and copious sunshine to photograph the outdoors. This grouping ends with my find on the property of some of my favorite things: hoses. You can do a search of this blog on hoses if you like; you’ll get more hits than you might imagine.












Home Sweet Home (Hello) 13

August 14, 2016

More mallards gathered on sunset-struck Rock Pond Monday night than I’d seen there previously.

08082016 Kendal at Oberlin-39

Home Sweet Home (Hello) 1

July 4, 2016

Last evening I took a two-minute walk to the nearest of several ponds that we share with neighbors at our new place. I could hear the bullfrogs and another frog whose sound we didn’t hear at the pond at our old place—or was that the mallards quacking?

07032016 Kendal at Oberlin-9


07032016 Kendal at Oberlin-12


07032016 Kendal at Oberlin-22


Home Sweet Home (Goodbye) 1

June 20, 2016

As we get ready to leave the house and land we’ve lived in and on for 26 years, I know there are some things I will miss when we go. How good to have these photographs to remind me of sunrises I can see from my kitchen window, sunsets over the pond, and the way light patterns the interior of the house. (Remember that clicking on an image gives you a larger version.)

04102016 Our Ohio Property-1


05282015 OOP-3