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Flag on a Truck

February 25, 2017

Saw this flag painted on the side of a truck in Cortez, Florida. Liked the contrast of curvy lines on top of straight lines and the graphic look of it all.

Crazy Signs

February 24, 2017

I have often seen signs that are old and cracked like this one (shown in the first and second photos) at the Star Fish Company. The design of the crazed plastic reminds me of a leaf. The Star Fish Company’s website shows their sign in earlier days. The Star Fish restaurant is one of my two favorite places to eat in Cortez. The seating is picnic tables on a dock. When I go, I always have the blackened mullet, served with hush puppies, cheese grits, and creamy cole slaw. Not the most healthful meal, but one of the most tasty. The other great down-home place to eat in Cortez is the Cortez Café. The name doesn’t even hint at their fantastic spanakopita and Greek salad. . . . But I digress. Here’s another crazy sign. The third photograph below is of a sign in Ohio’s Schoepfle Garden.



Fan Fan

February 23, 2017

During my January visit to Cortez I added another photograph to my fan series. The top one is the new photo, followed by others I’ve taken over the years. A few more fan images are here. When I wondered aloud to a friend why I was so taken by fans, she said I was in good company—Jim Dine also likes fans.






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